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Hello! Welcome to this Wiki my friends! Help this area grow by coming here and making friends!
Pages can be used for whatever you want to share with us. Just keep it appropriate (G-rated)!
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As this is such a flexible Wiki, the particular ground rules special to it are few and simple:

  1. No bad words or innappropiate topics.
  2. Be nice: no bullying. Bullying is never awesome.

You get the point. This is a G-rated wiki: for all ages.

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Edward Elric is the main character and protagonist and older brother to Alphonse Elric in the anime/manga Fullmetal Alchemist. As a State Alchemist, he holds the codename 'The Fullmetal Alchemist,' the namesake of the series. He is a teenager of about 14-17, making him the youngest person to ever become State Alchemist (which is a very highly ranked part of the military). He has blond hair and golden eyes, just like his brother. He is also quite short, which is unfortunate for him as many people point out and make fun of it.

Edward is brave, intelligent, kind-hearted, determined and noble but has some anger issues (usually for comic relief in cases when people constantly point out his short stature and/or mistake his brother, Al, to be the Fullmetal Alchemist). Edward has a steel automail (robotic) right arm and leg as he lost his real right arm and leg in the Human Transmutation incident. (read more...) '''

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As we've already established, we're pretty flexible about the topics that go on this Wiki. However, as the Random Chat Awesomeness Wiki is currently on the smaller side, we only have a few things here that we can put in one, little list:

TV shows

Much of the focus here is on guides and descriptions to a few certain television shows, such as:

A few of our users are young writers who are working on their own books or short stories and wish to share their creative works with the Wiki! A few of these works that we have information about are:

Don'tcha just love yourself some good ol' fasioned weirdness and insanity? Well, here's a start:



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