• I tracked down some old users and asked them if they wanted to assist in reviving the site.

    We'll see what they say if/when they reply.

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    • that's good... I have no luck on inviting new ones though...

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    • Well, I've managed to talk to a couple users from this site, and we kinda decided to create a private Facebook group since it's easier to track down people there, rather than on this site that most people probably forgot exists.

      So if your'e interested in that, you can friend Radiant Lloyd (me) on Facebook and I can add you to the group.

      So far I've recruited Tall Patricia & Speedy Rigby. I also contacted "TheBestGamer" (who used to be on this site) but I have yet to hear back.

      I tweeted who I believe to be Musical Miranda, but it wouldn't surprise me if she never responds since she pretty much said she has no interest in this thing anymore back a few months ago.

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    • A FANDOM user
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