• i dont want people acting nice to my cousin because im around asking

    if its one thing i hate its false faces

    just say you dont like him and theres a lot more taking his place if you really feel like it dont worry this wiki is secluded so the nice content in your wall in rwby wiki wont get affected

    ive already talked to py about it

    hes having heartaches because the person he knows he could trust is being tossed around by random people he said he felt inadequate as a friend as well because he cant even par with the rest of the people whoever those are

    plus stress in college and being away from family is hard enough for him but im sure you wont mind adding up to the equation

    after all youre too lazy to scroll down the users list



    p.s. im not giving py up to someone i feel would hurt him

    youre one of them now

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