I'm sure you've noticed that today, I made a few changes to the wiki.

If you didn't notice it, then what the heck, are you blind?! It's right in front of you with the color scheme and the wallpaper!

Ahem, yes. Now then, today, I made a few changes to the wiki with its color scheme, wallpaper and I edited some of the badges. Now, if you look, you'll see some of them have a special theme for our beloved cartoon characters and such to make the wiki more us-ish.

I also enabled the Message Wall. It's easier to use and stuff than the Talk Page.

I'm going to keep working later on this. Especially editing the badges, they're gonna be awesome!

In case you're wondering, stop looking around, you can't make the changes (unless you're Penny). Only Admins (and Founders) can edit the wiki like this. But I'll be taking requests if you have any in particular.

Power to the wiki!

P.S. And Musical Miranda Mutant, if you're reading this, you really should get an account already. Trust me. It's fun!

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