I havent done a blog post in a while and i was bored, so why not? I just finished school (well on the 8th) but i still have summer reading and a 2-3 page report on Animal Farm (WORST BOOK EVER) to do though, so i might not be on very often. Anyway, i just had one of those moments that makes you feel really awesome about yourself or something that you working on, i found a four star rated published book with horrible sentence structure. Yes, that is a very cruel form of happiness for said writer, but it sure does make me feel better about my chances of getting one of my books published. I also recently got a deviant art account Basil1899, but i only have one rather cruddy picture of a rainicorn up now because ive been to lazy to take out our scanner.

Book Update: Im on page 147 (hand written) of Only Human and i guess im near the end of part 1. Part 2 is probably going to be pretty short, only about 100 pages, maybe less, i just need to wrap it up (you'll know what i mean when you read it). The two other books have made absolutely no progress what so ever because i have been doing some short useless stories and story parts.

And to end this blog post an awesome Soul Eater AMV that everyone's probably seen before:

Soul Eater - This Is Halloween03:49

Soul Eater - This Is Halloween

I love how it makes the show look so psychotic. :)

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